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Twerk It! Sportswear Set

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Feel free to draw my characters


I have people in the past who wants to draw my OCs. I just want to let you know to feel free to draw them as you wish.



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The question when it comes to art.


 Are we creating something because we are passionate about it? Or are we creating something because it’s cool, trendy, and everyone else is doing it?

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I feeling very exhausted at the moment, but I need to tough it out. It’s better to make 100 comments than nothing at all.

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I have complete faith that I will be a successful artist one day. I just need to try harder, that’s all. :-)

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Over 1000 comments


I just made over 1000 comments on deviantart. Hopefully that would help get people to come to my page. :-)

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Let’s share our Original Character art!


When it comes down to anime and manga art, one of the things that I love looking at is original characters works. I just find them more interesting to look at than fanart. I always wonder about the story behind the characters.

 Let me see some of your OCs! :-) 
BTW, here’s some of my Original Characters. I’m still working on them and  always change things around, character information wise.

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When Wards Won’t Work

Maintaining and strengthening the wards that protect Benzaiten Academy from demonic entities (or alien invaders, if you ask Mini) is an important duty of the Mystery Hunters. Yagi has been delving into the library to find more efficient spells to do this and believes he’s got something that will do the trick. With the help of Mini he sets out to perform the ritual needed.

Unfortunately it didn’t quite work the way he intended. Instead of creating a strong barrier, the spell creates a portal, summoning demonic tentacles intent on ravishing anything they find.

Soon, the two Mystery Hunters find themselves in quite a sticky situation. Again.

Commissioned by infernalperson

I love this! <3
I always love your work, Drgraevling! :-)